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Municipal Leasing
...A Very Smart Choice

Municipal leasing is "the smart choice" for acquiring essential and perhaps more importantly, expensive public safety (police & fire), infrastructure, (roads & bridges), construction, school and maintenance vehicles and equipment.

Funding is getting harder to come by as tax payers are getting squeezed, state and federal government funding and grants are being cut back or cut off altogether.  Inflation keeps the cost of municipal vehicles high and the maintenance of older, while less reliable equipment and vehicles continues to rise. 

Why continue to fund your department by paying in advance for all of your capital equipment, when a municipal lease allows you to "pay as you go?"  Matching tax receipts year-by-year to municipal lease payment as they come due year-by-year.

Municipal Leasing Spreads the Cost of Capital Purchases
Here's How:

bulletMunicipal leasing allows governments to spread the cost of expensive, long-lived equipment and vehicles over their useful lives and multiple budget periods--instead of paying for everything in advance.   And it just makes sense.
bulletMunicipal leasing programs provide the lowest cost, non-debt, interest rates available.  Municipal leases compare directly to bond rates, but without the extraordinary legal fees, without the protracted delays and public referendums normally associated with bonds.  On smaller transactions (under $1,000,000) our all-in costs are far lower than bonds.
bulletMunicipal leases do not create balance sheet debt in part because unlike they are subject to the annual appropriation process and can be terminated without penalty if funds are not available for any legal reason. (Available in almost all jurisdictions)
bulletMunicipal leases allow governments to match tax receipts (revenue) to capital expenditures for new equipment.  A much more conservative budgeting approach.  If a new fire truck has a useful life of 15 or more years, why not pay for it over a longer period? If a new sewer-vac is going to be in service for 8 years, why not pay for it over 8 years?  Most police cars are on the road for 3-5 years, and so on.
bulletBuying power.  Municipal leases effectively "multiply" the purchasing power budgeted funds.  A $100,000 annual line item might buy 3 new police cars for cash this year, but dedicated to a municipal lease, the same series of annual payments ($100,000) could put 15 new vehicles on the street today.

Ultimate purchasing flexibility.  With a municipal lease you can purchase your vehicles and equipment from the dealer of your choice, or under any state contract.  You negotiate the very best "cash price" and we base our very low interest rate municipal lease on those figures.  Every vehicle and every piece of equipment is titled to your agency from the day of delivery.  You own this equipment exactly as if your had made a cash purchase--ownership passes on delivery. Municipal-Leasing BBB A+ Rated

No lease-end buyouts.  After the last lease payment your agency can continue using the equip forever, at no addiction cost, sell it or trade it at anytime.


What is "tax-exempt" municipal leasing and what does it mean to your agency?


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