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About First Capital Equipment Leasing!

Glad you're here!  We'd like you to know something about us.  Our founder was a commercial lease marketing executive for a large bank leasing company, when she came to realize that her division's parent company did not have the same commitment to customer service and response that she did.  The only realistic solution was starting her own business, and so First Capital was born in 1985!  At first as a commercial leasing generalist and later segmenting into the specialty areas of federal, state, county and municipal lease-to-own financing.

Experience Counts--Our Team Specializes in Government Leasing.
We understand what you do and we know what you need to get the job done under the very unique circumstances of being a government About Municipal-Leasing BBB A+ Rates Our 32nd Year!agency.  We've got the people, programs, hands-on experience and the corporate relationships to bring your municipal leasing transactions together quickly, creatively and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

In Business Since 1985, On The Web Since 1998.
A little web history & perspective:  Did you know that September of 1998 was an auspicious time in the history of the world wide web?  It's true! There were in fact two notable milestones reached that same year--both First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp and a California start-up with the very unlikely name "Google," made their respective online web debuts during the same month--way back in September of 1998.  Although Google was brand new at the time, First Capital had just celebrated its 13th birthday in 1998! Today in 2016, First Capital is marking 31 years in Commercial, Non-Profit and Government finance.

Municipal Leasing
The "Municipal-Leasing.com" website represents the public finance capabilities of First Capital Equipment Leasing. (http://www.LeaseExperts.com) Our public finance group has provides many, many millions of dollars of very low interest, tax-exempt, specialized financial services for state, county and municipal entities (collectively "municipal" transactions) - leases, loans, COP's (certificates of participation) and other financing vehicles in conjunction with our institutional partners and investors. Transactions can range in size from $35,000 to $10,000,000.  (Municipal leasing is especially transaction-size sensitive, so combining municipal acquisitions, even with different vendors and terms, can make a significant difference in the rates we can ultimately extend)

First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp.

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