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Ambulance Leasing

Ambulance Leasing

Are funds for new ambulances and EMS equipment becoming harder and harder to come by?  Your department is not alone and we can assist!

Our tax-exempt municipal leasing for ambulances can take the financial bite out of upgrading your aging fleet or bringing on the additional ambulances that you need to serve a growing community.EMS Ambulance

Type I, Type II or Type III, Medium Duty and Heavy Rescue ambulances can all be acquired with very-low interest lease-to-own financing, including all of your upfits and equipment from EKG's and diagnostic equipment to cots and stretchers to oxygen systems,  radio communications gear and everything in between.  Ambulance Leasing Medic EMS Leasing Fire Department

Municipal Lease Financing
For Any Major Brand:

AEV Horton
McCoy Miller Road Rescue
Braun Industries MedTec
Life Line Emergency Osage
Wheeled Coach Odyssey
                  PL Custom Emergency Vehicles


Why Pay in Advance...
   When you can "Pay As You Go?"
Our municipal leases allow your department to spread the high cost of ambulances and rescue vehicles over multiple budget periods--matching expenses to use, over a period of years. 

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Let us provide a real example quote based on your projected capital expense, based on the costs & terms of your choice.
(Municipal leasing is transaction-size sensitive: Larger Leases = Lower Rates!)

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