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School Library Furniture,
          Equipment & Buildings

Leasing for your school or municipal library.
From school or municipal library furniture to shelving to library automation and financial management and everything in between.municipal leasing for school library, book shelves, library furniture leasing, libary computer leasing

Why Pay In Advance?
     When You Can "Pay As You Go?"

Most s
chool library equipment can provide good service for many, many years.  The problem is that it can be expensive and its not always appropriate to break projects into small pieces.

Municipal leasing allows school and municipal libraries to spread the cost of expensive capital items over multiple budget periods--matching annual budget allocations to lease payments.

Library Equipment Leasing

Shelving Tables Chairs Seating
Circulation Desks Study Carrels Loss Prevention
Access Control Security Video Audio-Video Equipment
Computers Networks Servers
Library Automation Software for Management, Database, Inventory & Circulation

For Library Buildings
     Municipal Leases Best School Bonds

For new construction or major renovations; tax-exempt municipal leasing may well be your most cost effective option. 

Here's why; for all but the very largest library projects, bonds can actually be the more expensive option in terms of their significant legal, compliance, advertising, publishing, printing expenses and other fees.  Almost all bonds require a protracted and politically cumbersome voter approval process.  For districts concerned about their credit rating, bonds create balance sheet debt, while municipal leases do not.  Municipal leases can be completed in weeks, while bonds can stretch out for months and months.  And with municipal leases pricing and rates are certain up front--having bee locked in at closing, rather than floating through the issuance process.

Let Us Show You
The very best way to "see" the specific costs and financial benefits of school leasing to your district, is to let us show you how far your budget dollars can go when annual appropriations are dedicated to annual lease payments instead of one-off cash purchases.

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