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Police Car Leasing:

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Police Car Leasing

One of First Capital's specialties is the tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own financing for police & sheriff's vehicles and motorcycles, including any essential-use law enforcement equipment upfits. (Your lowest cost type of non-debt financing)

There are two things that every department knows well; new police cars are expensive and no matter what...police cars wear out regularly and must to be replaced or upgraded--its just a matter of time.  Deferring only drives up the maintenance side of the equation while decreasing reliability, response time and ultimately, officer and citizen safety. 

Most Chiefs tell us that they know they should be on a set rotation schedule to optimize vehicle performance levels and minimum service costs--it just seems that the vehicle rotation budget is always the first line item to get squeezed or downsized.

New Police Cars

The reason so many departments have turned to municipal lease-to-own financing is that municipalpolice car leasing, municpal leasing for sheriff and police, very low interest tax-exempt rates leasing provides the financial "leverage" they need make larger capital expenditure for essential new vehicles while spreading those costs over multiple budget periods--a practical, "pay as you go" budgeting model that matches capital costs with annual budget allocations based on community tax receipts.

Pay Cash, Wait For a Grant...
   or use a Municipal Lease today?

Grants can be a tempting route, but the process itself can be convoluted and tedious, more importantly the financial outcome and timing are almost always uncertain.  Municipal leasing conserves cash allowing use of the police car leasing, municpal leasing for sheriff and police, computers, networks & software at very low interest tax-exempt ratesequipment to be matched against to tax revenue over those periods. A "pay as you go" model, that most government planners find is a "perfect budget fit." First Capital's municipal leases can be pre-paid at any time. The government entity may to continue to pursue any potential grant opportunities knowing that that essential new equipment is going into service now, and that should grant funds (or bond proceeds for that matter) become available, proceeds can be used to pay off part or all of the remaining lease balance without penalty.

Multiply your budget by 3, 4 or even 5 times!

Using municipal leasing for your police cars is like multiplying your capital budget by a factor of 3, 4  or 5 times! Here's Why:  You can get "roughly" 3-5 times more "purchasing power" this year by applying your annual allocations to a municipal lease then you would if your municipality simply spent the same amount each year on cash purchases.  Looking at it another way, lets say your governing body gives you enough to purchase (3) new vehicles each year.  With our tax-exempt municipal lease you could take delivery of 9-15 new vehicles this year!  Call for a real quote based on your own numbers.

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Police Vehicles & Motorcycles

Ford Police Interceptor Utility Dodge Charger Police Package Chevy Impala Police Package
Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Ford Expedition Chevy Caprice Police Package
SWAT Vehicles Mobile Command Centers Crime Scene & Evidence Collection

Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki & Victory Police Motorcycles


Include All Upfits In Your Municipal Police Lease Lease

Police Car Laptops Notebooks In Car Video
Radar, Speed Enforcement Lights, Light bars & Sirens
Radios Communication Gear Push Bumpers | Police Cage Partitions
K-9 Canine Equipment License Plate Recognition
CAD Computer Aided Dispatch Records Management
Bullet Proof Vests Tactical Gear

"Tax exempt" municipal leasing--what does that really mean anyway?  There is a very valuable I.R.S. tax benefit to our investors that "exempts" them from federal and in some cases state and local income tax on the interest earned and certain carrying costs when financing state, county and local governments.  Our lower tax liability translates directly into significantly lower borrowing rates for our state, county and municipal government customers--it's that simple!

Comparing Municipal Leases to Commercial Leases?

May we send a one page comparison of the features, benefits & pitfalls of each?  Request our one-page, plain English Municipal Vs. Leasing to Commercial Leasing Comparison.

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