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public works muncipal equipment leasing. Municipal leasing all public works machinery, vehicles & equipmentPublic works equipment and facilities are expensive assets that often last a very long time--which is why municipal leasing for public works equipment & facilities is the preferred method of acquiring these municipal assets.  From a dump truck to a wheel loader and from salt shed to a sludge treatment facility...and everything in between!

Why Pay In Advance...
       When You Can Spread the Cost and "Pay As You Go?"

One thing about public works equipment, its generally made to last for years whether for occasional or even daily use.  Why drain this year's capital budget for public works equipment that will be giving reliable service over a period of many, many years?

Leasing Matches "Use" to Budget Dollars

Our tax-exempt Leases allow municipal governments to spread the cost of expensive capital items like vehicles, equipment and even buildings over multiple budget periods to match expenditures to budget funding.

Municipal Leases Can Be More Cost Effective Than Bonds

municipal leasing waste water treament sludge purificationHere's why:  For all but the very largest projects, bonds can actually be the more expensive option in terms of their significant legal, compliance, advertising, publishing, printing expenses and other fees.  Almost all public works bonds require a protracted and politically cumbersome voter approval process.  For districts concerned about their credit rating, bonds create balance sheet debt, while municipal leases do not.  Municipal leases can be completed in weeks, while bonds can stretch out for months and months.  And with municipal leases pricing and rates are certain up front--having bee locked in at closing, rather than floating through the issuance process.

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