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Take Home Police Cars


Take home police car programs are becoming increasingly popular particularly with suburban police departments where the benefits of higher department visibility and faster response time have great community appeal.

Take home police car programs present a solid case for driving the down the cost of fleet operations both on the capital budgeting and maintenance sides.

Instead of running vehicles 3-shifts, 24-7, take home vehicles are assigned to a single responsible officer; they run less, they are better maintained (because a single officer is looking after them) and because there is "time" for them to be maintained within any given 24 hour cycle without diminishing overall fleet readiness and perhaps most importantly, take-home vehicles last considerably longer.

The challenge for most departments is the considerable expense, of the initial deployment of a larger fleet.  Municipal leasing was "almost" made for this circumstance.

Why Pay in Advance...
   When you can "Pay As You Go?"

Almost "made" for Take Home programs...municipal leases allow your department to spread the initial outlay on the take-home vehicles over multiple budget periods--matching expenses to use over a period of years.  And because each take home vehicle's useful life is extended significantly, so to are its payments per year reduced proportionately!

Take Home Police Cars
White Papers by Police Department Experts, for Police Departments...

First Capital would be pleased to share with your department some the of the research put together by other police departments in their quest to evaluate the take home Take home police car leasing, police car leasingvehicle issue, including:


Upfront Capital Costs






Incidence Response Time


Community Presence & Community Awareness

Please call us to request copies of these two independent police-department-authored "white papers" on take home vehicle programs.  General background for you and a compelling presentation for those evaluating this for your city.

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(Municipal leasing is especially transaction-size sensitive, so combining municipal acquisitions, even with different vendors and terms, can make a significant difference in the rates we can ultimately extend)

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