Charter School Leasing

Charter School Leasing (Yes We Do!)

You’re in the right place.  We provide charter school computer leasing, charter school bus leasing, and financing for any other vehicles and essential use equipment from the classroom to the gym to the chemistry lab and the library.  If your school needs it, we can help you pay for it.

Your Lowest Cost Financing Option

Charter school leasing is likely your lowest cost source of financing. charter school computer leasing school and education leasing for laptop computersOur programs are designed specifically for government-funded, non-profit entities.  Therefore our non-profit interest rates are generally well below comparable commercial rates

Skip the “pay-for-it-all-in-advance” budget trap this year.  That’s a tough fiscal model to get tangled up in.

Our programs are “Pay as You Go,” and schools find that it just makes sense with today’s ever-contracting budgets.

Charter Schools Are Different.  We get it.

Charter Schools are a special kind of tuition-free public school funded by tax dollars.  Because they generally exist under state education rules (“charters”), structures can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Funded with tax dollars, they are not formally a legal part of any state, county, or municipal government, rather they (generally) exist as 501c3 non-profit corporations funded by the educational jurisdiction they serve.

Most significantly (concerning credit and leasing), a charter school’s continued government funding is subject to periodic review and renewal by the government chartering authority.

School Bus Lease-to-Own Financing QuoteUnlike a public school, taxpayer funding is only “guaranteed” to be available for the term of the current charter renewal and while the school remains in compliance with its charter commitments with state and local authorities.  (This can “scare off” a lot of bankers who don’t fully embrace  this unique lending landscape)

Three Important Considerations for Charter School Leasing:

  1. A charter school lease term (# of years) cannot extend beyond  the current charter renewal term; and
  2. Lease contracts for charter schools do not include non-appropriation of funds (funding out) language; and
  3. Charter school leases are priced at our low “non-profit” interest rates.
    (Non-profit interest rates are generally well below commercial interest rates, but nominally
    higher than municipal government rates)

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Let us prepare a  quote for any combination of equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk today–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving 0ur quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your charter school! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?) Whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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