Municipal Leasing Quotes

Two Ways to See What Your Budget Will Buy

Classic Lease Quote – You know what you need and about how how much it will cost to write a check for it.  But, like so many agencies, ALL of the money isn’t in the budget this yearWhat will it cost to spread the expense (that’s the key) over the next 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 years, instead of taking one giant bite out of this year’s budget at the expense of every other department.   The Classic quote answers the question.  (Vehicles & Equipment come from any vendor of that you choose)

– OR –

Municipal Buying Power Quote – A Buying Power quote will show you how much yo can buy TODAY, with lease payments that will be drawn from future budgets as the funds are allocated each year.  In other words; You Tell Us what will likely be available budget-wise and we can tell you how much you can spend TODAY for essential new municipal vehicles & equipment. A “buy now,” pay as you go model, based on the numbers you provide to us.  (Vehicles & Equipment come from any vendor that you choose)

Two great “budget views”

We’ll show you exactly how to get the most out of your agency’s current budget dollars and leverage your scarce funds into more vehicles and equipment today. A lot more “bang” this year, for a lot “fewer bucks” this year.

Try one, try them both–just click the link above!