Municipal Leasing Quotes

Two Ways to See What Your Budget Will Buy

Classic Lease Quote – Most popular–the quote for most agencies and comparisons.  You know what you need and about what it will cost to write a check.  But, like so many agencies, ALL of the money isn’t in the budget this yearThis quote tells you what it will cost if you spread the expense out (that’s the key) over the next 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10 years, instead of taking one giant bite out of this year’s budget at the expense of every other department.   Vehicles & Equipment come from any vendor of your choice, state contract supplier, or buying group.

– OR –

Municipal Buying Power Quote – A special kind of quote for a special kind of question.  If you know (e.g. historically) what’s in the budget for most years for this type of new equipment, a Buying Power Quote can show you how much you can buy this year, as if” all of those future budget dollars were available TODAY.  If you can Tell Us what will likely be available budget-wise for this and the next several years, we can tell you how much you can spend TODAY for the essential new municipal vehicles & equipment.  A “buy now,” pay as you go model.

Two great “budget views”

We’ll show you exactly how to get the most out of your agency’s current budget dollars and leverage your scarce funds into more vehicles and equipment today. A lot more “bang” this year, for a lot “fewer bucks” this year.

Try one, try them both–unsure?  Try the Classic quote (above) first.