HVAC & Energy Savings for Municipal Buildings & Facilities

HVAC is a great example of an upgrade that starts saving money the day you install it.  Energy-saving technology has been the primary focus of the entire industry for years.  All new equipment is designed to llerHVAC Green Energy Chiller Fansoperate more efficiently than anything that was “state of the art,” just  10-15 years ago.  HVAC –Heating and cooling for municipal buildings, offices, schools, libraries, and other government facilities is a technology that lasts for many years.  Similarly, the municipal energy savings (which are significant) will be realized over many years.

Solving the cash flow “mismatch.”  The new equipment is expensive and that bill comes due upfront with the installation.   The savings are recouped in smaller increments but over many years.

Spread the cost of your new energy-efficient technology HVAC systems, chillers, air handlers, and components over multiple budgets periods with our very low interest tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own financing.  It’s “pay as you go,” not in advance.

Energy Efficient Municipal HVAC Systems

In some parts of the county, the “AC” part of HVAC is only used for a portion of the year.  Critical “in season?”  You bet.  Used every day?  Not always.   Let us help.

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